A progress report

To date, SF Mistressworks has posted 46 reviews of 41 books by 34 women sf writers. Throughout June, and into the first week of July, six reviews were posted each week. From next week, however, only three per week will be going up – on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. More reviews are still needed, however – and will always be needed. Please don’t wait to be asked, just volunteer.

Also, are there any specific novels or writers that people would like to see reviewed here? Bear in mind that the books must have been published during, or before, the twentieth century (which, of course, includes 2001). If there are, please leave a comment.

Finally, many thanks to all those who have provided reviews so far. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.


One thought on “A progress report

  1. There should be some other Octavia Butler books on there, possibly instead of Kindred though I can’t be sure as that’s the only book of hers I haven’t read. The Xenogenesis triology would be the obvious item to add, or maybe the two Earthseed books, grim though they are.

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