Three months on

In lieu of a review today – because I’m only halfway through the book I was planning to write about today – here instead is a quarterly update.

SF Mistressworks has been going for three months now, and during that time posted sixty-six reviews (some were multi-parters) of fifty-six books by forty-three authors. The most reviewed writer is, unsurprisingly, Ursula K Le Guin with five; but Joanna Russ comes a close second with four. Gwyneth Jones had one review split across three posts, but counting that as one she also matches Russ with reviews.

There has been a wide spread of books covered. The earliest was Thea von Harbou’s Metropolis from 1926, and the latest Gwyneth Jones’ Bold as Love from 2001. Which does stretch the definition of “twentieth century” a little, but never mind. SF Mistressworks has chiefly reviewed novels, but also several collections, and one anthology, the excellent Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years edited by Pamela Sargent.

Though the number of reviews posted per week has dropped to two a week, I have every intention of keeping this blog going. Unfortunately, to do that I need people to send me reviews. I’m very grateful for the ones I’ve received so far, but I still need more. I don’t want to be providing them all myself. So, volunteers needed, please.

Finally, I had always expected that SF Mistressworks would prove an excellent introduction to writers whose works might appeal to me, and that it would spur me – and, hopefully, others – to read more books by women sf writers. But in fact I’ve been surprised by the number of books I’ve put on my wants list as a result of reviews on this site. Several of the stories in Women of Wonder, for example, persuaded me to look for novel-length works by the authors. So SF Mistressworks is not just about the books that are reviewed here, it’s also about the ones that aren’t.



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