Eastercon Update

Sadly, SF Mistressworks didn’t win the BSFA Award for non-fiction. It went instead to the SF Encyclopedia. However, two things happened over the Eastercon weekend which more than made up for the disappointment.

First, Michaela Staton has set up Daughters of Prometheus, a blog dedicated to reviewing twenty-first century science fiction by women writers.

Second, Amanda Rutter is now running Fantasy Mistressworks, which reviews twentieth century, and earlier, fantasy by women writers. She’s already made a start on a Fantasy Mistressworks list, and is looking for suggested titles.

Both sites will need volunteers to provide reviews. I certainly intend to contribute.

One thought on “Eastercon Update

  1. I guess not winning the BSFA award comes under the heading of “it’s an honour just to be nominated” so congrats for the nom at any rate.

    Thanks also for the links to the other sister sites – will definitely check them out!

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