Another Year Ends

In the two and a half years since SF Mistressworks began, it has posted reviews of 196 different books by 95 women science fiction writers, some of those books more than once. Thirty-six people contributed those reviews, most of which were reprints from other places  – but some were original to SF Mistressworks. That’s an achievement to be proud of, I think. And we’ve no plans to stop.

For a number of reasons, the schedule has unfortunately slipped on occasion. Toward the latter half of 2013, we had to go to a fortnightly schedule, but we’re back now to posting one review a week. Perhaps at some point we’ll be able to return to our earlier schedule of two reviews a week. In other words, more reviews of eligible books are always needed. That’s for science fiction books – novels, collections, anthologies, even standalone novellas – written by women and published before 2001. Reviews should be at least 500 words, and if not original to SF Mistressworks we’ll include a link to their first appearance.

We’re toying with the idea of introducing an irregular series of reviews of short fiction during 2014. These won’t be scheduled, but posted as and when. The idea is to review – in 500 words or more – a single science fiction short story by a woman writer. Again, the story must have been published before 2001. Contributions are welcome.

Here’s hoping 2014 is a good year for everyone. SF Mistressworks will carry on, and perhaps we’ll do something special when we hit the site’s third-year anniversary in June. We shall see…

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