SF Mistressworks on BSFA Award short-list

Breaking news: SF Mistressworks has been shortlisted for the British Science Fiction Association Award in the non-fiction category – see here. I’m especially happy about this because not only have I been a member of the BSFA for over twenty years, but I’ve also voted on the Awards during most of those years. So thanks to everyone who nominated SF Mistressworks.

Of course, this website would have been nothing without the following:

Adam Roberts, Aishwarya Subramanian, Blue Tyson, Cara Murphy, Cheryl Morgan, Ian J Simpson, Jenni Scott, Joachim Boaz, Kathryn Allen, Kev McVeigh, Larry Nolan, Martin Wisse, Michaela Staton, Niall Harrison, Paul Charles Smith, Paul Graham Raven, Richard Palmer, Sam Kelly, Sandy M, Shannon Turlington and Shaun Duke.

Being on the shortlist is their achievement as well, and I’m very grateful.

But, first and foremost, we should thank the women sf writers that SF Mistressworks was set up to celebrate. There are still a vast number of their books we’ve yet to read, enjoy, and then review; and we won’t stop until we’ve done them all.